399987_108579499316122_801653184_nHey, Guys!

My name is Tamara (more commonly known as Tam) Spires. I am a online entrepreneur obsessed with social media & creating digital content. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my fiancé & love of my life, Joseph ♥

Professionally, I have been in Office Administration specializing in Automated Business Information Processing since 1987. Within more recent years (2000 to present), I’ve taught myself various technical skills such as HTML coding, content management systems such as WordPress, web design & development, social media marketing and information publishing. (Click here to work with me)

On a more personal note, I am a recovering alcoholic in hot pursuit of peace & serenity (Higher Powered since 12-17-2008). I believe in the power of prayer & positivity, the Law of Attraction, and have a passion for the empowerment of women. I’m currently working on several writing projects including inspirational articles and a book.

My family is my highest priority & greatest achievement. I have three beautiful adult children and was blessed with my first grandson Ezriah in January 2015. I love everything to do with the arts, which is usually how I spend my *free* time. I’m also an avid iOS gamer, KindleWorm, trail hiker, gardener and lover of the outdoors.

This website is my little home on the web…a central hub for my services, and to keep you updated with my life. I’ve done my best to lay things out clearly, but if you’re ever in doubt, drop me a line!


♥ Tam