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Hey, Guys!

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Shooting Multnomah Falls

Hey, Guys!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out at the falls today with my lovely daughter, Amanda. She is so incredibly pretty; she sure gave Mother Nature a run for her money. ❤️

 We got a really late start, so in the rush of things, I ended up forgetting to bring my Nikon. It would have been a perfect day to shoot with my bigger camera. Although I’m getting used to doing a lot of shooting with my iPhone 6 Plus, it is nice to bring out the big guns from time to time. We also stopped by the Vista House at Crown  Pointe to take in the absolutely breathtaking view. This was my third time there but every trip feels like the first because there is just so much to see. Here are a couple of shots using my Hipstamatic app. I don’t use it enough.